Yala National Park is in the second place sizewise, among national parks in Sri Lanka by covers 979 square kilometres. This leopard land is where you find the higher density of leopard than anywhere else on this planet.

Yala, the most visited national park lies in Southern Province and Uva Province 260km South East of Colombo. Yala was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and Divided into 5 blocks. The park is popular for its kinds of wild animals and birds. It is taking the part in the protection of Sri Lankan elephants, leopards, Deer, aquatic birds and much more creature and plants. The National Park is one of the best places in Asia for wild safari. Most local and foreign tourists visit to see many animals including elephant, leopards, buffaloes, monkeys, crocodiles, wild boars, Deer, fox and bears.

The land and body of water in the park gives convergence to 70 birds, 44 mammals, 47 Reptiles, 18 Amphibians and 21 Fishes. In this, some of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. You can see the migrating bird in here in the seasons. All these attractions bring tourist to the Yala national park.

Because of Yala east boundary facing the Indian Ocean, Yala was directly hit by 2004 tsunami. The tsunami caused severe damage to the park’s scrub forest, grassland, and wetland. The Animals and birds have analyzed the situation rather than human and they move to safe areas.

There are no Hotels inside the park, But there are many star class hotel and resort surrounding area. Visit early in the morning to see more animals and birds and stay in the vehicle since your visiting wild animals home.